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C³ County Character College

The idea for the County Character College came about over four years ago when the Healthy DuPage Character Development Coalition Program Committee was deciding on what could be done as a countywide activity or event. A few of the committee members from middle schools suggested that the Coalition sponsor a one-day leadership event on the topic of character since middle school students rarely have the opportunity to attend an off-campus leadership program (unlike some high school students).

For the past three years, every middle school in DuPage County (public and private) has been invited to send up to ten students and two faculty or parent “sponsors” to the C3 – County Character College in October. The event has been held on a DuPage County college campus (the first year at the College of DuPage and most recently at North Central College). The colleges have been pleased to help sponsor this event (and get potential students onto their campus).

C3 is designed to be much like a professional adult conference with plenary and breakout sessions. The presenters are either adults with expertise in their area of working with students at this age level or high school students who have a positive message to share with younger kids from their own experience. Each year, C3 has a specific theme and sessions emphasize that theme throughout the day. Students are assigned to breakout sessions in such a way so that at least two students from each school attend each of the breakout sessions. A sponsors’ meeting held a few days before the event not only covers the logistics and expectations for the day but also provides guidance on how to help the students take what they learn at the conference back to their individual middle school and implement the best ideas into their specific school environment. For example, last year’s theme of “Respecting Our Diversity” not only presented many skit examples from the Chicago Comedy Company, but the breakout session conducted by Hinsdale Central High School students was an activity called “Breaking Down The Walls” in which various students representing typical stereotypes actually built walls between each other as they made unkind comments about another group. This visual representation (using large red-colored boxes) inspired several middle schools to adapt the ideas to the specifics in their school and conduct the skit in an all-school assembly with follow-up activities.

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