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Measurement and Evaluation


To identify key indicators in each community and across the country that show that Character Development efforts are having an impact in the community.


  • Determine scope of project and needed resources
  • Identify funding sources, request and receive funding
  • Identify and engage measurement expert
  • Establish measurement and evaluation process, tools and activities
  • Conduct pilot study, analyze and communicate results

YEAR 1 ACTIVITIES: (2001-2002)

  • Received $152,000 from Community Memorial Foundation for 3-year study
  • Engaged Dr. Matt Davidson as consultant (CEP, Center for the 4th & 5th R's)
  • Identified 4 'pilot' communities and conducted 'focus groups' to determine constructs
  • Developed “Global Process Model” for project
  • Designed Global Portraits of Social and Moral Health for Youth and Adults to be used in schools and communities
  • Conducted pilot survey and analyzed data
  • Collected archival data
  • Validated survey and revised survey process
  • Communicated results to county and individual community coalitions for action and long-term impact

YEAR 2 ACTIVITIES:  (2002-2003)

  • Conducted Global Portraits Survey in 14 communities
  • Collected archival data from 14 communities
  • Analyzed data
  • Communicated results to county and individual community coalitions for planning and action
  • Received 3-year Federal Character Education Research Grant to use Global Portraits as the basis for developing training and follow-up for teachers, parents and community members

YEAR 3 ACTIVITIES:  (2003-2004)

YEAR 4 PLANS:  (2004-2005)

Expand above process to 12 communities

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