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Current News

Lincoln Center for Character Begins Part-time Operations

Due to a lack of sufficient on-going funding, The Board of Directors of The Abraham Lincoln Center for Character Development decided to reduce operations of the organization to the bare minimum. Effective June 1, 2007, The Lincoln Center ceased to operate in its original form by eliminating staff and vacating office space. The Lincoln Center website, e-mail and a few related programs are still being operated until such time as the Board of Directors decides on a new mission, scope and scale for the organization.

Background: The Abraham Lincoln Center for Character Development was founded on Lincoln’s birthday, February 12, 2003 as a not-for-profit organization with the mission “to provide character development training, measurement and evaluation services and community coalition-building support to schools, families, businesses, communities and other organizations throughout the state of Illinois.” The Lincoln Center, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is an outgrowth of the Healthy DuPage Character Development Coalition that began in November 2000 to provide a forum for representatives from over 20 communities to meet on a monthly basis to share ideas and work together in DuPage County to foster character development in youth. The emphasis and activities have been focused on working with schools and whole communities to develop the social capital of the next generation. The annual C3 – The County Character College and the Foundations for Life Essay Contest are examples of county-wide activities for students sponsored by the Coalition. The growth of the Character in Business Committee is an example of a recent focus on adults as well. The Coalition and the Business Committee will continue in some form.

The Lincoln Center’s most recent project, in collaboration with the University of Illinois Extension, developed and launched a Character@Work project for businesses. Character@Work is a one-day workshop and on-line follow-up support program to help owners and key leaders of small to mid-sized businesses translate organizational values into everyday behaviors that can lead to greater productivity and excellence in the workplace. Beyond business ethics, this workshop helps leaders “Create a Culture of Character” that supports people in being and doing their best. This program will continue to be offered through the University of Illinois Extension.

Overall funding for the Lincoln Center has primarily been in the form of grants and donations from foundations, federal and local government, corporations and individuals (particularly, ARAMARK, Healthy DuPage, Community Memorial Foundation, DuPage Regional Office of Education and the U.S. Department of Education). Earned revenue has been generated through training classes (such as CHARACTER COUNTS! training), measurement and evaluation tools and consulting services to schools, community coalitions and local businesses.

The Lincoln Center was founded on the principles of integrity and character for which Abraham Lincoln is revered. It is hoped that the work that Healthy DuPage and The Lincoln Center started in Illinois will be built upon in anticipation of the 2009 state and national bicentennial celebrations of Abraham Lincoln’s birth and that Lincoln’s character qualities such as honesty, perseverance, respect and caring will be seen as his true legacy.

Lincoln Center to be the Certification agent for the Character Institute of Singapore

Since 2004, the Character Institute of Singapore has been offering professional development courses in the area of character education for teachers in Singapore and other parts of Asia. These seminar courses have primarily been taught by Drs. Hal Urban, Tom Lickona and Gary Smit. Teachers can now bring their skills to a higher level by completing the new Practitioner Certification program.

Ms. Joanne Ng, Director of the Character Institute, has asked the Abraham Lincoln Center for Character Development to work with Dr. Tom Lickona to serve as the independent evaluation agents for issuing the new Practitioner Certificate for Character Education.

The certification requires that the candidate to:

  • Attend 2 of the offered Courses (live or eVideo recordings)

  • Read the Recommended Books & Articles

  • Choose a Character Education Topic/Project or case-study which is related to the Courses

  • Complete a real-life Project in an actual classroom or work setting

  • Submit a  Project Report to Dr. Lickona and Ken Fisher of the Lincoln Center for review and approval.

By earning this Certificate, participants will build their expertise and advance their careers as a trained and experienced Character Education Teacher, who not only teaches academic subjects, but also teaches Values and helps build Character.

Visit or contact Joanne @ for detailed information.

Latest public Character@Work one day workshop to be scheduled as demand requests.

There are no public sssions of Character@Work scheduled in the near future. Usually, the sessions are held at ARAMARK Regional Offices, 2300 Warrenville at Aramark's Regional Offices, 2300 Warrenville Rd., Downers Grove. Check-in begins at 7:30 a.m. Click here for detailed information and to register. Advanced registration and payment are required. Individual, organization-specific sessions can be scheduled at any time and any place.

The Abraham Lincoln Center for Character Development and the University of Illinois Extension co-developed this program to help small to medium-sized businesses translate organizational values into everyday behaviors that can lead to greater productivity and excellence in the workplace. Beyond business ethics, this workshop helps leaders create a culture that supports people in being their best person and doing their best work. Research indicates that a focus on values and character in the workplace can have significant impact on key business metrics such as improved customer service, reduced liability costs, improved employee retention and increased productivity.

Character@Work is a process-oriented solution that gives business leaders a step-by-step process and tools for Creating a Culture of Character in their workplace. It is unique in that it focuses on enhancing individual character and behavior as well as creating an organizational culture that supports optimal performance. Character@Work is grounded in research on leadership, organizational culture, change management and character development.

DuPage Character Development Coalition is no longer meeting on a regular basis.

The County Coalition was composed of representatives from the various community Character Coalitions in DuPage County, Since 1999, Regular meetings were held on the 2nd Wednesday of Jan., Feb., April, May, July, Sept., Oct., and Nov.

2012 National Character Development Conferences.

Date Title Location Cost
July 17-19, 2013 CharacterPlus 19th Annual Character Education Conference St. Louis, MO $425
Oct.. 24 - 27, 2013 20th National ForumCharacter Education Partnership Washington, DC $440+

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